Roslyn Swim Club Calendar

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Registration Paperwork

Roslyn Swim Team Registration Information Registration fees: $95.00 per swimmer over 7 years and $120.00 per swimmer under 6 years(Age as of May 30th) (Maximum of $360.00 per family, please pay for youngest three swimmers.) Concession fee: $15.00 per family Parents or Guardians: _____________________ _________________ _________________ (Last Name) (Mother’s Name) (Father’s Name) Home Address______________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: only if there is a change for returning swimmers: ____________________________________ Home Phone: _________________ Daytime Numbers: _________________ _________________ Emergency Contact: _________________ _________________ (Name) (Phone Number) Preference for volunteer activities (please circle at least two) Timing Place Judge Scoring Runner Stroke & Turn Concessions 50/50 Sales Parking Cooking Please indicate if there are dates when you will NOT be able to volunteer:__________________________________________ Swimmers: ______________________ _____________ ____________ ________________ (Name) (Age on May 30th) (Birthdate) (tee shirt size) ______________________ _____________ ____________ ________________ (Name) (Age on May 30th) (Birthdate) (tee shirt size) ______________________ _____________ ____________ ________________ (Name) (Age on May 30th) (Birthdate) (tee shirt size) ______________________ _____________ ____________ ________________ (Name) (Age on May 30th) (Birthdate) (tee shirt size) ______________________ _____________ ____________ _______________ (Name) (Age on May 30th) (Birthdate) (tee shirt size) If parents are interested in the “Roslyn 2016” tee shirt, please indicate the amount and size.________________________________________________ Any extra shirts cost $10.00 Please include any medical conditions of which the staff should be aware:___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________